DrewTheRedPoochyena Animation Collection Volume 1

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DrewTheRedPoochyena Animation Collection Volume 1

Post by nisel97 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:17 pm

a little back story first:
i decided to animate videos and center it around pokemon characters i created, mostly about Drew, the red poochyena, he was made to represent me online, on deviantart too. without further ado, my animations:

this is one of my firsts, using audio from the ever popular spongebob, i'm proud of it to this day, but it has some problems like head size, i might make a remastered version someday

oh, that blue poochyena back there, that's drew's brother named Mike

my longest animated video and made more christmas 2011, this compilation of events got good reception and i'm glad people enjoyed it on youtube, i wish to make more videos like this in the future

eh, this one has a lot of problems, the eyes, the mouth, the explosion during the impact of hitting the ground, maybe i should remake this too

oh and that tailow is just a generic one, not a main character or of any relevance

Volume 2 is coming up

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