DrewTheRedPoochyena Animation Collection Volume 2

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DrewTheRedPoochyena Animation Collection Volume 2

Post by nisel97 on Fri Jun 28, 2013 2:28 pm

check the volume 1 first

this one stars the previously mentioned Mike the blue poochyena telling a story to a generic azurill, i thought an azurill would fit the part. also uses spongebob audio. this is one of my favorites to this date

notice the "Remastered edition" in the title. this is a remake of my first ever animation and it does show how i improved in about a year

that green poochyena is also a brother of drew, his name is Jake
and that black skitty at the end is named Lexi and she will appear in the next video too

this one was made pretty simple but people still like it, even my school friend has this song stuck in his head. it also showcases visual humor taking the lyrics seriously, you'll get a laugh out of it

and as a bonus, i will show you how i draw:

thank you for viewing, i appreciate any great comments and favorites. i'll create more animations hopefully in the future

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