Ranks and Promotions

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Ranks and Promotions

Post by pokemonmaster001 on Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:37 pm

This topic explains types of usergroups, ranks, how to earn a promotion from one rank to another and some of the privileges that come with each rank.

Users with no rank
Guests: not registered, can read topics and are only able post in the comments/questions/suggestions sections for the purpose of providing useful feedback.
Registered Users: have no special title, can post in many sections of the site.

Open Groups: Earn these ranks by post count or request.
Junior Trainers: Have posted a handful of posts that show that they are not robots or spammers. (5 posts) can post in most sections of the site.
Pokemon Trainers: Have shown to be steadily active, (25 posts) and have earned the right to post in all public areas of the site.
Advanced Trainers: Have been active for a long time have proven to be an asset to the site (100 posts) These users have more posting options than the previous ranks.
Gym Leaders: Advanced trainers who feel they can assist in maintaining the site may ask and administrator for a promotion to Gym Leader. If accepted, these users will have moderating options in the general discussion area and access to the staff lounge.

Closed Groups: Earn these by Administrator request.
Elite Trainers: Closed group of site moderators. If an administrator decides that a Gym Leader deserves to have moderating options in all sections of the site and can be trusted to help maintain the site, you will be contacted by an admin and may choose to accept or decline the promotion.
Pokemon Master: Forum Administrators. If the site creators decide that an Elite Trainer can be trusted and is capable of maintaining, improving and managing the site, permissions and user profiles, you will be contacted by one of the site creators (Pokemonmaster001, Polar and Shmooysmell) and may choose to accept or decline the promotion.

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