Face book conversation POKEMON PUNS!!

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Face book conversation POKEMON PUNS!!

Post by pokemonmaster001 on Wed Aug 11, 2010 6:45 am

Tye :what happens when u mix kristal naruto pokemon and i together .... no one knows ... U GET HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT

Kristal: YES AND ADHD!!!

Stewart: lol <---Sabina says this dude rocks...Sorta :P

Tye: lol major adhd Very Happy

Kristal: PUNS!!!!!


Kristal: up in the tree *it falls* oh what a let down

Tye:PUNNNNNNNNNNNN XD*falls and gets caught by a limb* looks like my lifes hanging from a limb again

Kristal: ‎*pikachu knocks team rocket out of the tree with tail whip* wow that was quite a tail!

Meowth: you need to be pun-ished

Tye: XD *pikachu thunder shocks team rocket* What an electrifying statment

Kristal: watch out for the swimming, jumping, unstoppable lawnmower!!! what it just dies??? what a choppy ending

Kristal: what no more jokes... this is dissa-pun-ting

Tye: ‎*team rocket gets burned by combuskin* what a sur-fry-ing attack

Kristal: uh oh better get to the pokemon center. theres a chansey you can live

Tye: Its a chansey operation but i'm sure he'll make a electrefying recovery
oh good what shockingly good news

Kristal: too bad theres a blizzard. theres snow way outa this mess

Tye: I'm all outta puns i guess i should go to my room to be pun-ished

Kristal: no more watching pokemon for us. my brains all watched up

Tye : I thought you said you were all out of puns
i think i'll staryu in my future fanfic wouldnt that be great for a celeibi-ty

Kristal: ok but then your gonna be in mine cuz i nidoran-dom character

Tye:I changed my mind i'm not going to raichu in my fanfic until u starmie into yours

Kristal : i-marill-y go crazy if i see any more of these puns!

Tye: show how do u get pikachu on a bus?
you pok-em-on XD

Kristal: i made muffins outa margrine!!

Tye: i'm pun-fused

Kristal: ‎*margarine

Kristal: they're butterfree!!

Kristal: what is that strange thing witha plant on it's head??

Tye: I dont know but i think its rather oddish lets eat it

Kristal: i cant. i broke machop sticks

Tye : well thats a knock out

Kristal:yah you won! geodude, you rock!

Tye : Shut up or i'll crush you into gravler and that will be a crumbling expereiince

Kristal : now im gloomy

Tye : awww want me to cherrim up cherrubi

Kristal : naww i think that will onlt tauros apart

Tye : well i have some change chingling in my pocket if you dont mind seeing a magic trick the you will seedot-s on them then with abra,kadabra,alakazame the trik will make you happiny

Kristal : you better stop with the pokepuns or your gonna be in snubble!

Tye : well i'll stop if you can help me find what i'm seaking cause i have to seel the deal and its making me shuckle and spin-da hit-mon-top

Kristal : i cant mankey-more more puns!

Tye : i dont think i can weedle my way outa this one meowth is hurting and my heat-ran away

Kristal : the rest of the puns are still unknown, because im getting drowzee. you butterfree me from this war

Tye:Then you better slowbro and take some zzz's cause my mind is becoming muk and shiftry

Kristal : ditto

Tye: this isnt snover yet but i'm to much slaking in puns this war is over for now but until next time i'll be seaking for more puns

Kristal : i was gonna say the same thing! Jynx you owe me a joke!

Tye : your my swellow snubull maker and will help me move the sandslashed tires into the skarmory

Kristal:uhhh shouldn't we be goldeen to bed. if we dont weedle bee very tired tomorrow. poace out and kakunamatada

Tye: I was going to say I pichu but i have minum-num amount of puns until tomorrow peace

Kristal: ok vine, ivysaur-t of tired

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