Post requirement for promotion changed.

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Post requirement for promotion changed.

Post by pokemonmaster001 on Mon Sep 05, 2016 7:19 pm

To rank from a registered user to Junior Trainer, you only need 5 total posts instead of 15.
To rank up from Junior Trainer to Pokemon Trainer, you only need 25 total posts instead of 50.
To rank up from Pokemon Trainer to Advanced Trainer, you only need 100 total posts instead of 500.
Gym leader requests are more likely to be accepted.
Since we are looking for trustworthy moderators and admins at this time, your chances of being requested are pretty high as long as you meet the requirements.

That being said, ranking up is easier than ever and now is the time to post, post, post!

When i grow up....

Imma be a pokemon master!! :bounce:


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